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Crafts & Restorations
NIYONA is an independent studio of design and leather goods of excellence, producing innovative projects with a unique know-how.
Creating objects from start to finish

Illustrating NIYONA’s expertise within the realm of high-end leather goods, products are designed for clients that struggle finding what they are after on the market. This means that exclusive and original objects are created and developed further by the studio, which are then produced under NIYONA’s supervision. This approach is by far the most exciting for the studio, as it gives an opportunity to come up with completely new products that embody its creative skills. Within this A to Z scenario, the studio comes up with a creative proposal, which is submitted to the client. The NIYONA proposal is the fruit of careful consideration and extensive research, making sure all the client’s needs and concerns are fully addressed.

We offer: A series of courses from initiation to making your own handbag.

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Rue de Laeken 86 Lakensestraat
1000 Bruxelles