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Ambras Castle

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Ambras Castle is closely connected with Archduke Ferdinand II of Austria (1529–1595). The castle-museum served as his residence from 1563 to 1595, where he accommodated his world-famous collections, built specifically for that purpose, making it the oldest museum in the world.

The Lower Castle contains armouries masterpieces from the European armourer’s art. Its original "Kunst- und Wunderkammer" (Chamber of Art and Curiosities) represents a unique cultural monument.

Above the Lower Castle is the famous Spanish Hall (Spanische Saal). Built in the German Renaissance style, it contains an intricate wood-inlay ceiling and walls adorned with 27 full-length portraits of the rulers of Tyrol.

The Upper Castle contains an extensive portrait gallery of numerous members of the House of Habsburg.

The castle is surrounded by a large landscape park, somewhat in the English picturesque style. 

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Ambras Castle

Schlossstraße 20
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