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Åmells was founded in 1922 and is today world leading in Scandinavian art and our expertise range from work 18th century to contemporary art.

Our gallery in Stockholm is an established meeting place for buying and selling high quality art. Our client base is international and includes both museums and collectors.        

We specialize in Old Masters as well as high quality Scandinavian painting, sculpture and photography, focusing mainly on 19th and 20th century art. From our Stockholm gallery, we curate and present a calendar of public exhibitions all year round as well as exclusive private viewings. We are also represented abroad, and participate regularly at international art fairs. Over the years, Åmells has sold paintings to several notable museums, including Stockholm’s Nationalmuseum, J. Paul Getty Museum in the US and Le Musée du Louvre, Paris.

Exhibitions of classic, modern and contemporary art are held regularly at our own gallery as well as the venues of our collaboration partners.

Art in the office helps create dynamic meeting rooms and workplaces, and develops corporate identity and branding. Over the years, Åmells has built up an extensive collection of Scandinavian contemporary art and photography. Today, we lend parts of the collection out to museums and institutions and lease to companies. Renting art is convenient for companies that want to associate their brand with art, get free art consultations and be able to deduct the costs*. Each assignment is unique and handled according to the company’s requirements, facilities and conditions.

*According to Swedish tax laws, you can’t deduct costs from purchased artworks, but leasing art is tax-deductible.

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Amells Gallery

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