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Aragonese Castle

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Aragonese Castle is located on a rocky islet, connected to the island of Ischia by a causeway. The castle dates back to 474 BC, but in Modern Times it was rescued from total decay by the Matero family.

In its long history, the island has known many occupants, from the Greek, Romans, Arabs, Normans, and many more, but the present name comes from the dynasty in the 15th century that most influenced the characteristic appearance of the island: Alfonso I of Aragon. It was the time when the typical tunnel was digged in the rock for pedestrian access. 

Today the Matero family transformed Aragonese Castle into a lively modern cultural centre, with expositions, concerts and much more, while continuing its restoration.

You can take part in our guided tours at set departure times or book individual or group tours.

Aragonese Castle is also a venue for corporate and private events such as weddings...

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Aragonese Castle

Castello Aragonese
80077 Ischia NA