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Ateliers Bernard Pictet

Crafts & Restorations
Ateliers Bernard Pictet: Glass applied to architecture and decoration.

Centrally located in Paris, the Studio has been designing and producing original and luxurious works in glass for more than thirty years.  It collaborates with leading interior designers for an international clientele, and exports 80% of its production.

We are to glass what haute couture is to ready-to-wear and, as such, respond to a wide variety of requests for exclusive and sophisticated creations, but are equally able to meet large-scale orders.

Some projects are so precise in their requirements that we delegate part of production to one or more specialised companies with proven competencies in their field.

In this case, the Studio is at the head of a group of specialist contractors.

We focus on the design and development stages, and on the highly skilled decorative finishes such as engraving, chiselling or gilding.

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Ateliers Bernard Pictet

47 Rue Oberkampf
75011 Paris