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Austrian Theatermuseum, Palais Lobkowitz

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The Austrian Theatermuseum, housed in the Palais Lobkowitz, is dedicated to the theatre history in Austria, and displays stage models, custumes, drawings, prints and photographs. The museum holds also a large library.

The Palais Lobkowitz has been owned by the Princes Lobkowitz from 1745 and until the seventies of the 20th century. Prince Franz Joseph Maximilian von Lobkowitz was a patron of Ludwig van Beethoven who dedicated his 3rd symphony to Prince Lobkowitz, whereas the festival hall of the palace was then named „Eroica-Saal“.

There are regularly concerts given at the museum-palace.

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Austrian Theatermuseum, Palais Lobkowitz

Lobkowitzpl. 2
1010 Vienna