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Balys Dvarionas Foundation, Competitions, Seminars, Concerts

Balys Dvarionas Foundation: Competitions, Seminars, Concerts.  Balys Dvariones was a Lithuanian composer, pianist, conductor and educator. 

Some main activities of the Foundation:


  • Balys Dvarionas Competition for Young Pianists and Violinists: The competition is open to Pianists and Violinists of all nationalities under 21 years old.
  • The internationally open Balys Dvarionas Competition for Harp and Viola: The competition is to Harpist and Viola players of all nationalities under 21 years old.
  • National Balys Dvarionas Competition for Pianists and String Players: The majority of today renowned Lithuanian pianists and string players have started their musical careers at this competition. 


The Annual International Seminar for Young Talents in Palanga „Gintarinė svetainė“: During the seminar young Lithuanian talents have a unique chance to be taught by world-known and experienced teachers without the necessity going abroad. Every day concerts take place across the whole coastal region.


For young performers it is very important having possibilities to perform concerts. Balys Dvarionas Charity and Support Foundation together with EMCY organises and supports such concerts.

The promotion of music of the Lithuanian composers:

Balys Dvarionas Charity and Support Foundation encourages promotion of works of Lithuanian composers, founds prizes for the performances of such music at competitions, and distributes the sheet music.

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Balys Dvarionas Foundation, Competitions, Seminars, Concerts

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