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Burg Feistritz

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Feistritz Castle was built in the 12th century, whereas the current main building dates from 1570. The castle was restored and expanded after the fire in 1605. Since 1965 it is privately owned by the American-Austrian Reichold family, and used as a castle hotel, specialized in events, concerts, group accommodation and seminars.

The castle comprises a dining hall for 60 guests a historic park with swimming pool, seminar rooms, artist studios, 21 guest rooms of various sizes and equipment in the castle and 14 doubles with kitchens in two guesthouses. 

During its long history, the castle has changed hands many times. From the 14th until the late 18th century it has been owned by noble families such as Pottendorf, Zinzendorf, Rottal and Pergen. In 1815 it came into the hands of the Barons von Dietrichsberg, and in 1922 it came into the possession of the Mautner Markhof family, who set up an armoury museum there with their extensive collection. These holdings are now in the Army History Museum in Vienna

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Burg Feistritz

Burg Feistritz
2873 Feistritz am Wechsel