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Casa de Mateus

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Casa de Mateus, dating back to the 18th century, is owned by the family foundation of the counts of Albuquerque since 1970. The House, Chapel, Gardens and Winery are open to the public and used also for a variety of cultural events.

Still partly inhabited by the family, the House contains a large collection of furniture from different periods, paintings from the 17th and 18th century, sculptures and many other artefacts. It also has an extensive library housing, amongst others, many items relating to the famous 1817 edition of 'Os Lusíadas' by the Morgado de Mateus, D. José Maria.

The estate has been constantly improved through and by the successive generations up to the present day, such as the gardens. Together with its different cultural activities including festivals, lectures, exhibitions, seminars and concerts it makes Casa de Mateus a distinguished attraction in Portugal.

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Casa de Mateus

Casa de Mateus
Fundação da Casa de Mateus
5000-291 Vila Real