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Galerie van Kranendonk

Antiques & Art Galleries, Rent-Art
Van Kranendonk Gallery (since 1983): Painting, photography of contemporary artists and Art Rental.

Art rental

Our gallery has a wide range of paintings and photographs in stock. It is possible to rent an artwork at a special rate, for more information please contact the gallery.

Art Advisor

We have more than 30 years experience in the international contemporary art world. We advise private clients, business and government. Jurriaan van Kranendonk has been an advisor for:
The Council for the Arts of the Government of The Netherlands
Utrecht University
Province of South-Holland

The Hague University (Haagse Hogeschool)
Our latest book on the art of The Hague University was published in September 2011 and titled Point of View. It is a survey of the art commissions and the collection of photography which we created for The Hague University.

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Galerie van Kranendonk

Westeinde 29
2512 GS The Hague