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Galleri Poulsen

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Galleri Poulsen: a well established gallery with over 16 years on the national as well as the international Contemporary art scene.

With great passion for traditional art on canvas and paper, we present a strong team of contemporary artists who excel in this genre. Persistently we strike to present works where storytelling, complex figurative compositions and impressive craftsmanship create an aesthetic focal point.

We house a group of artists, mostly Americans, who each and every one work in a significant artistic style, where the clean, the satirical and not least the reflective are the thematic common denominators.

Being a living, welcoming and ambitious gallery is our ultimate goal, which we achieve through producing eight to ten exhibitions a year, and by participating in national fairs and in the international fairs Pulse and Volta in New York, Miami and Basel.

Morten Poulsen 
Opening Hours 
Tuesday thru Friday 12.00 - 17.30 
Saturday 11.00 - 15.00 
Or by appointment 
Gallery Poulsen is a member of The Danish Gallery Association

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Galleri Poulsen

Staldgade 32
1699 Copenhagen