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Granitz Hunting Lodge

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Granitz Hunting Lodge, located on the island of Rugen, was built from 1838 to 1846 by order of Prince Wilhelm Malte I of Putbus. It was designed by the Berlin architect, Johann Gottfried Steinmeyer, based on some sketches by the Prussian Crown Prince and some ideas of the famous Karl Friedrich Schinkel.

It was once a popular holiday destination for European nobility and prominent people; for example, Frederick William IV, Christian VIII, Otto von Bismarck, Elizabeth von Arnim, and Johann Jacob Grumbke numbered amongst its visitors.

The castle, confiscated in 1945 and today in the hands of the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, is used as a castle-museum and for classical concerts.

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Granitz Hunting Lodge

Jagdschloß Granitz 1
18609 Binz