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The Kubista Gallery

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The Kubista Gallery, an exclusive shop and the only place in Prague where you can buy originals and unique replicas of classic Czech design, particularly rare cubist and art deco objects.

Recently, as we approached the fifth anniversary our opening, step by step Galerie Kubista has gone through some changes on the way to realizing a new concept in design shops, based on a few key principles.

The main idea, inspired by several years of experience, is to create a more intimate and welcoming space for visitors to the museum where they can relax and browse through a collection of the works of renowned Czech designers and artists such as Bohumil Kubista, Alois Wachsmann, Otto Gutfreund, Vaclav Spala and others.

In Galerie Kubista, we have aspired to establish a unique shop which is an organic part of a historic building while respecting the integrity of the space. Our gallery is distinct from typical commercial galleries and design shops, all more or less the same and abundant in Prague.

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The Kubista Gallery

Ovocný trh 569/19
110 00 Prague
Czech Republic