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Schloss Ebergassing - Musik im Schloss

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Castle Ebergassing, was first mentioned in documents in 1120, and is today the private residence of the Sandhofer and Aichelburg-Rumerskirch families, as well as a venue for Classical Musik and Jazz.

During its long history the castle has been owned by a number of families such as the Lords of Wald, the Thonradi family, the Princes of Liechtenstein and the nobles von Trattner. For, in particular, the music lovers is it interesting know that the second wife of Johann Thomas Edler von Trattner, Therese von Trattner, was one of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's first students.

Mozart dedicated to her: Sonata No.14 in C minor KV 457 and the Fantasy in C minor KV 475 (1784/1785).

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Schloss Ebergassing - Musik im Schloss

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