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Schloss Pöckstein

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Schloss Pöckstein, dates back to the Middle Ages, but was later used as a bishops residence. Today, the present owners use it for cultural, corporate and private events, such as classical concerts, receptions, weddings...

The present building, in classical style, was constructed between 1778 and 1782 by bishop Joseph Franz Anton Graf von Auersperg, after a heavy earthquake had destroyed residence at Straßburg. Later Schloss Pöckstein only was used as episcopal forestry administration and in 2007 the incumbent bishop, Dr. Josef Schwar, decided to sell Schloss Pöckstein because of the high costs of maintenance.

For more detailed information about its history and cultural events, see website.



Schloss Pöckstein

Schloss Pöckstein
9341 Strassburg