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Wilton House

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Wilton House, dating back to 1544, is the seat of the Earls of Pembroke. Although a private family home, the House, with its stunning art collections, and its beautiful grounds, are open to the public.

Wilton House is offering at the same time a great variety of additional attractions and events such as the adventure playground for children, The Wilton House Antiques Fair, Exhibitions, the Wilton Horse Trials, Antique Car shows, Country Fairs...

The grounds have undergone many changes during its history. The 1632 garden by Isaac de Caus was removed by the 'Architect Earl' of Pembroke (after 1737), to make place for a serpentine park with the first Palladian bridge. It was Sir William Chambers who designed the casino. In he 1820s Richard Westmacott designed an 'Italian garden', including terrace and parterrre and in 1971 David Vicary designed a fountain set.

It is also a venue for TV & Filming and Charitable Events.

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Wilton House

Wilton House
United Kingdom