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The workshop of bronze articles Former Lopienski Brothers

Crafts & Restorations
The workshop of bronze articles Former Lopienski Brothers. The workshop focuses on traditional bronze articles like relief, glass, figures, inkwells, business-cardholders, candlesticks, lamps, awards...

A brief history of the firm. It was founded in 1862 by Jan Lopienski, an artist educated in Warsaw, Cracow, Vienna and Paris. He established his reputation when he received a silver medal at an exhibition held in Paris (1879). The firm prospered under management two brothers: Grzegorz and Felix. They produced a long list of fine works, ranging from the lighting fixtures for the parliament of the Union of South Africa in Cape Town to the baroque balustrade for the main altar of the Church at Jasna Gora in Czestochowa as well as metal furnishing for a large number of palaces, churches, and official buildings. The third generation - Tadeusz, Wladyslaw and Zdzislaw devoted their efforts to restoration work, principally the reconstruction of Warsaw monuments. Anna, daughter of Tadeusz carries on the firm's tradition now. She works in the family workshop with her husband Wojciech Lipczyk.

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The workshop of bronze articles Former Lopienski Brothers

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