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Copyright notices

Copyright Notices

Last Revised: 25/11/2021

We do our utmost best to clear any images and other works that we use on this website.

Being a start-up, we still have a great deal of work ahead of us. We also constantly watch the developments of the legal requirements, common practices, the technical developments and possibilities, on which we act accordingly to the best of our abilities.

Tripendy is using mainly photographs, whose copyright holders have published their works under the Creative Commons Licenses, which are free of charge.

Tripendy is presently adapting the platform, in order to give appropriate visibility to these copyright holders.

In case you detect any error, omission, incomplete information, and/or be of the opinion that we are using your works without your permission, please contact us as indicated hereunder, so that we can take all the appropriate measures.

Tripendy urges copy right holders of works published on Tripendy, who stop publishing these works under the Creative Commons Licence and/or transferring them to other categories of licences, to inform Tripendy immediately in order to allow Tripendy to act accordingly.

Tripendy and/or its legal advisors don’t answer emails, letters, or other communications, concerning disputes, financial claims, settlements, etc., unless they decide otherwise.

Contact Information

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via regular mail at the following address: Tripendy BVBA, Ankerrui 9, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium