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Esterházy Castle - Majk Camaldolese Hermitage

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The Majk Camaldolese Hermitage is a building, complex originally used by the Camaldolese order, constructed in the 18th century by Count József Esterházy. The rectangular complex consisted of a church, a baroque cloister with library, and seventeen austere houses surrounding the church.

They were built from the donations of aristocratic families whose coat of arms are shown on the main façade of the houses.

In 1781, the Habsburg emperor Joseph II closed it as part of ecclesiastical reforms, whereas the complex became an  Esterházy residence and eventually was nationalized by the Communist government in the 1950s.

Today it serves as a museum, beautifully situated on a rise above a little lake and surrounded by forests.

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Esterházy Castle - Majk Camaldolese Hermitage

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