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About Tripendy

A warm welcome to Tripendy! (Cultural & Creative People, Addresses and Much More)


Everybody should be aware that

'Europe is World-Leader in Culture, Arts, Crafts, Design & Luxury'


What is Tripendy?  

  • Tripendy wants to make the RICH EUROPEAN CULTURAL & CREATIVE SECTOR MORE VISIBLE and ACCESSIBLE  for everybody, in an elegant way.

  • We give you an overview of people and eclectic addresses such as galleries, artists, craftsmen, restoration workshops , etc., from all over Europe!
  • Tripendy is a Culture-Loving Network; giving you the needed information and inspiration. 
  • Tripendy is a BRIDGE between the new creative world of technology, and our traditional Cultural, Natural and Historical Heritage.

Search & find "local specials"

You will find what you are looking for at Tripendy if you want to see, feel new or former creative and cultural experiences. Well-known tourist attractions can be found via a great variety of channels. Tripendy stands for the ”specials”, the eclectic addresses and people. Enjoy the Tripendy Experience!

Tripendy is for everyone; experts, culture-lovers, tourists, students, housewives, families...

We developed Tripendy to serve everybody with an interest in culture, creativity, arts, craftsmanship, etc. Each person can use our website in order to find the specialties he or she is looking for:

  • Are you looking for an antiques dealer, a modern art gallery, an artist, a restoration workshop, a special item, anything regarding music, service or event?
  • Are you visiting a location and do you want to explore local "hidden pearls"?
  • Do you want to escape from your daily routines and improve the quality of your life with art & culture.
  • Or simply, you need a special address for a specific craftsman or special item.

We all have in common that we want to find what we are looking for, in a facilitated way. That isn’t always easy; you might sometimes feel lost in information. Tripendy wants to bridge that gap with our selection of cultural and creative addresses…


Are you a gallery-holder, an antiques-dealer, an artist, young talent, a craftsman, a restorer, a musician, music ensemble or any other type of cultural-entrepreneur?

Today, cultural-entrepreneurs can reach out to customers all over the globe and show their unique offerings. With 500 mio. people in Europe and 15 times more outside the European continent, there are enormous opportunities to attract clients. The European Cultural & Creative Sector is abundant, immensely diverse and has so much to offer. It makes Europe a unique attraction on which we can be proud. However, in spite of this abundance of information there is a lack of transparency, visibility and accessibility. The public feels sometimes “lost”. On top, publicity costs are often high. Consequently, with our Tripendy-Platform we fill this gap by making the Cultural & Creative Sector more visible and accessible at reasonable costs.

Interested in reaching out to the world with your gallery, workshop, artistic creations, musical performances, handcraft items, activities , etc.?

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Founding team

Mr. Douwe van Hoytema
Founder of Tripendy, former international banker, convinced European, and most of all a " European Culture aficionado" with special interest in music, castles, estates and gardens.

With Tripendy he is eager to contribute to Europe's World Leadership in Arts, Culture, Handcraft & Design and underpin its economic importance.

Dr. Marie-Agnes von Puttkamer
Co-founder of Tripendy, expert in European Art History with focus on nineteenth and first half of twentieth century German and Austrian painting.

Mr. Evert Martens
Co-founder of Tripendy, entrepreneur, innovation expert and proud of our European heritage.