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Aggstein Castle

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Aggstein Castle, which is around 150 metres long, was built at the start of the 12th century. It is located on a rocky outcrop at a height of approx. 300 metres above the right bank of the Danube. The castle has changed hands many times and was destroyed at least twice. 

In 1606 Anna Freiin von Polheim und Parz acquired the castle and had it renovated. Unfortunately, after her death it was seriously neglected, whereas in 1685 it was transferred to Count Ernst Rüdiger von Starhemberg, as well as Castle Schönbühel. His descendant Ludwig von Starhemberg sold both castles in 1819 to Count Franz von Beroldingen, where it remained in the family until 1930. At that time Castle Schönbühel, together with the Aggstein ruins, were acquired by Count Oswald von Seilern Aspang.

Today, Aggstein is open for the public and is used for events such as the plants & herbs festival in May or the fabulous Arts and Crafts Market in November, as well as corporate and private events, such as weddings...

The chapel can still be used for weddings and christenings.

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Aggstein Castle

Burgruine Aggstein
3642 Aggsbach Dorf