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Castleruins Dobra

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The Burgruine Dobra was first mentioned in 1186 and had changed hands many times. The last family who used the castle as a residence were the Barons von Ehrmanns, who moved from Dobra to Wetzlas, in 1725. From then on, the castle fell in decay. Today the ruins are owned by the Windhag`sche Scholarship Foundation, which leased it to Pölla Aktiv association. 

Since its renovation in 2010 and the addition of a ballroom with a terrace, the ruin is still a ruin, but it can be rented for events. 

As an excursion destination, the ruin is accessible every day of the year. (We ask for 1.50 in the donation box at the keep.)

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Castleruins Dobra

Ruine Dobra
3594 Pölla