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Galleri Benoni

Antiques & Art Galleries
Galleri Benoni: Contemporary Art. We aim to present contemporary artists working within a wide range of mediums. Galleri Benoni is a gallery with an ambitious yet relaxed atmosphere. 

We seek out art that excels in 4 parameters: Artistic skill, process, theme based approach and C.V. We will exhibit both Danish and international artists. We love many art genres, and will not confine the gallery space to one art form. 

Instead we will welcome everything from underground Street Art, to a more pleasing aesthetic, and even show varying types of minimalism. We aim to uphold meaning, and a constant red thread, despite our diverse choice of Shows/exhibitions. 

We will highlight work that equally emphasize skill & process. The works you can expect to see in our gallery aims to amuse, and engage viewers on a sentient emotional and inspirational level. 

We want to include, rather than exclude. We welcome you to visit Galleri Benoni. 

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Galleri Benoni

Store Kongensgade 40H,
1264 Copenhagen