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Mini Galerie

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Mini Galerie is dedicated to exhibiting contemporary art from emerging artists who are breaking new ground by combining the idiom and codes of high culture with societal subcultures.

Not bound by convention or definitions, the gallery presents innovative artists working in a broad variety of mediums whose works are largely characterised by a strong graphic and abstract visual language. With a fresh project-based approach, the objective of the gallery is to challenge the perceptions of art rooted in street culture and push it into new mediums and territories.

Mini Galerie grew out of a series of temporary exhibitions in the living room of gallery director Julia van der Meer’s apartment in the centre of Amsterdam. A permanent location close to the city’s gallery district was established in 2014.

Julia van der Meer (1989) holds a degree in Cultural Studies and Art History from the University of Amsterdam. Since founding Mini Galerie she has been committed to exploring the boundaries of contemporary art and its accessibility to a wider audience.

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Mini Galerie

Kinkerstraat 12A
1053 DT Amsterdam