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Nádasdy Castle - Ferenc Nádasdy Museum

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Nádasdy Castle was constructed during the 13th century, whereas today it hosts various exhibitions and is known as Nádasdy Ferenc Museum. It was constructed when the area was part of the property of Charles I of Hungary, but later through the centuries it had many different owners, such as the Nádasdy and Draskovich families. 

In the 18th century it became the property of the Esterházy princes, whereas the Pallavicini family of Genova owned it from 1787. In 1803 it came into the hands of Prince Ferdinand of Este and Modena and shortly afterwards it was owned by the Bavarian Royal Wittelsbach family, until WW II.

The Late Renaissance pentagonal outer castle with Italian bastions was surrounded with a moat to protect it against Turkish attacks. Today this area is now a park. 

The first-floor banqueting hall is rich with stuccoes and frescoes. The richly coloured stucco decoration framing the frescoes is the work of the Italian master Andrea Bertinelli. The monumental frescoes and seven secco paintings commemorating the battles of the 15-years' War, is the work of Hans Rudolf Miller, a painter from Vienna. They were commissioned by Ferenc Nádasdy in 1653.

The Nádasdy Ferenc Museum tells the history of the Castle and its owners, the history of the Hussars and Sárvár, offers arts and crafts exhibitions, and other exhibitions.

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Nádasdy Castle - Ferenc Nádasdy Museum

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