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Erasmus House & Beguinage of Anderlecht

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Erasmus House is dedicated to the life and work of Erasmus, paintings, books, manuscripts and a philosophical garden. The  Beguinage of Anderlecht was the smallest beguinage in Belgium.

Erasmus House: Erasmus stayed here in 1521, the home of his friend Pieter Wychman who was entrusted with teaching in the Chapter. 

The Beguinage

The Museum was set up in 1930 in the smallest beguinage in Belgium where only eight Beguines lived. It consisted of two buildings (one from the 16th century, and the other from the 18th century) which are built around a pleasant inner courtyard from where you have a view of the Church of St Pieter and St.Guidon built in the 15th century. The collection in the Beguinage consists of objects of archaeological interest, religious art and a local history collection which documents a thousand years of Anderlecht history.

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Erasmus House & Beguinage of Anderlecht

Rue de Formanoir, 31
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