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Prague's Municipal House

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Prague's Municipal House: Historical Monument, exhibitions, concerts...

The Municipal House has been deservedly proclaimed a national heritage building. It is a treasure whose importance reaches far beyond the Czech Republic’s borders. Come and enjoy the extraordinary atmosphere of beautiful concerts, balls and fashion shows or the elegance of the parlours and restaurants with your friends. Bring your children to this place permeated with important events of Czech history and they will never forget where the Royal Court was once located, which witnessed the proclamation of independent Czechoslovakia in 1918 by the “founding fathers,” and in 1989 hosted the first meetings between the communist government and the Civic Forum representatives, led by Václav Havel.
Exhibitions, concerts, balls, fashion shows, congresses or anything you wish. For prices that will surprise you.

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Prague's Municipal House

nám. Republiky 5
111 21 Prague
Czech Republic