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TAMO Museum

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The TAMO Museum takes the visitors through the history of Ravenna's mosaics, the antique, late-antique and medieval period, up to the productions of modern and contemporary artists and experts in industrial mosaics.

The contemporary section, called “Mosaics between Hell and Heaven” (born in 2012) is dedicated to the Divina Commedia of Dante Alighieri. 

At the permanent section called “The Genius of the waters”, you  can admire mosaics on the floor from an ancient imperial house found in Piazza Anita Garibaldi in Ravenna, few years ago.

Housed in the complex of the San Nicolo, dating back to the 11th century, the museum is also a venue for religious weddings.

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TAMO Museum

Via Nicolò Rondinelli, 2
48121 Ravenna RA