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Andrássy Castle, Tiszadob

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The Andrássy Castle, Tiszadob, was built for Count Gyula Andrássy (1823 – 1890), first Hungarian prime minister and second Foreign Minister of Austria-Hungary. The castle and the surrounding park was built between 1880 and 1885, whereas the architect was Artúr Meining.

The castle has 4 entrances (4 seasons), 12 towers (12 months), 52 rooms (52 weeks), and 365 windows (365 days of the year).

It is generally believed that Count Andrássy had a long lasting relationship with Empress Sisi.

His descendants stayed there until 1945, and the castle was confiscated in 1948.

Today, the Andrássy Castle has been renovated for around  EUR 7,1 million, funded by the Hungarian government and the EU, in order to host cultural attractions. 

The beautiful castle garden is surrounded by a 500-hectare economic forest of ancient trees.

In 1998, the Hungarian pianist Adrienne Hauser founded the piano festival ' Feast in the East', where prestigious Hungarian and international musicians perform here every August.

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Andrássy Castle, Tiszadob

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