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Frauenwoerth Abbey and Fraueninsel

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Frauenwoerth Abbey was founded in 772 by Tassilo III of Bavaria and is located on the second largest of the three islands in Chiemsee. It has a charming garden containing a herb garden, a rose garden and an orchard.

Today the Benedictine Convent, with the wide variety in the monastery shop, its seminar and conference center, we try to give an answer to the changes of our time. In our small guest house people can find retreat for reflection with the offer of spiritual guidance.

The Fraueninsel (Women's Island) has a surface area of 12 hectares and a comfortable walk around the whole shoreline takes only 20 minutes. 

With just over 50 houses and approximately 250 inhabitants the island is very densely populated, whereby the monastery covers nearly one-third of the island. 

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Frauenwoerth Abbey and Fraueninsel

Frauenchiemsee 50
83256 Chiemsee