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Rocca di Solferino

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The Rocca di Solferino is a historical strategic tower (23 meter), erected in 1022 on the summit of the hill at 206 m. above the sea level, which was converted in 1870 into a museum dedicated to the Battle of Solferino.

At the Battle of Solferino, the armies of Napoleon III and Victor Emmanuel II fought against the Austrian Army under Emperor Franz Joseph I on June 24, 1859. The battle was a victory for the  Franco-Sardinian alliance and constituted a crucial step in the Italian Risorgimento (“the Resurgence”) and final unification of Italy in 1871. However the losses were enormous, 40.000 people.

The location is the highest point in the entire Province of Mantua,

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Rocca di Solferino

Via Vicinale del Castello
46040 Solferino MN