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Archbishop chateau Kromeriz

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Chateau Kromeriz, is with its Baroque architecture, rich collections and gardens, written on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites and offers a variety of cultural highlights.

According to their individual tastes and interests, the visitor has a rich choice such as the Representative Halls, the Painting Collection (including the famous work of Titian "The Flaying of Marsyas", Van Dyck, Cranach the Elder...), the gardens (the Flower Garden, Baroque Garden, English Garden), the Sala Terrena, the Chateau Tower, the Episcopal Mint, the Library (33.000 volumes, Musical Archive), Scenic Train Tour...

The chateau is also used for cultural events such as concerts.

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Archbishop chateau Kromeriz

Arcibiskupský zámek a zahrady v Kroměříži
Sněmovní nám. 1
767 01 Kroměříž
Czech Republic