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Clock and Watch Museum, Vilnius

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The Clock and Watch Museum, a branch of the Lithuanian National Museum of Art, features the permanent exhibition " History of the Clock Structures from the Ancient Times till the Present and Development of the Clock Form since Renaissance till Art Moderne".

The museum is housed in an elegant mansion of the late 18th or early 19th century, which belonged since 1914 to the banker Johan Hirschberger, where he lived with his family until 1924. When Klaipeda region was connected to Lithuania the banker J. Hirschberger sold the house and moved to live to Germany. Today the museum still has close contacts with the family, who also donated interior and exterior photographs of the years 1913–1924, which are now exhibited in the museum halls on the first floor.

Working sundials of the museum are exhibited in the Park of Sundials, near the museum.

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Clock and Watch Museum, Vilnius

Didžioji g. 4 LT-
1128 Vilnius