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Mestrovic Pavilion - Croatian Society of Fine Artists

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The Mestrovic Pavilion, is the official seat of the Croatian Association of Artists (HDLU), which organizes over 40 exhibitions and events each year at the pavilion's three exhibition spaces: the Ring Gallery, the Barrel Gallery, and the Extended Media (PM) Gallery. The fourth one, the Karas Gallery, is in Praška Street.

The building has served for several different purposes in its history. It was designed by the famous architect and sculptor sculptor Ivan Meštrović for the Croatian Art Society Josip Juraj Strossmayer, as a new exhibition space in 1938. At the same time the building was erected in honour of King Petar I, whose relief made by Meštrović was placed above the entrance of the central exhibition hall.

However, it was transformed into a mosque, including three minarets, in 1941. The building was transformed again in 1955, this time as the Museum of the Revolution, by the architect Vjenceslav Richter. During the 1980s the building was reconverted into its original form, whereas in 1993 it became again the seat of the Croatian Association of Artists. Herewith the circle was closed!

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Mestrovic Pavilion - Croatian Society of Fine Artists

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