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Cathedral Excavations Museum

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The Domgrabungsmuseum (Cathedral Excavations Museum) is an archaeological site below the cathedral, containing extensive remains of a Roman villa from around the third century , and the later medieval walls. 

Apart from a columned interior courtyard, corridors, and rooms with drainage and warm air-heating systems, you can admire mosaic floors of excellent quality.

Concerning the medieval remnants, you can see the medieval foundations and the masonry work for the West tower of the Late Romanesque cathedral. The cathedral was built from 1181 on under Archbishops Conrad III (1177–1183) and Adalbert III (1183–1200), and demolished by Archbishop Wolf Dietrich (1587–1612) after a fire in 1598. The cathedral we see today is Early Baroque and finished in 1629.

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Cathedral Excavations Museum

5020 Salzburg